“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” – Abraham Lincoln


So let’s say you want to chop down a tree.


Do you just grab an ax and start hacking away at the tree?


No, you spend time developing the tools you need to make the process easier. An example is like when you want to learn a highly valuable skill like what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching, and then use that to get clients with a new online business.


Ok so back to tree chopping.


When it comes time to chop down the tree, you take it step by step, hacking at the tree with an incredibly sharp axe that makes the process less taxing on you and your body.


Pretty soon, the tree comes falling down. 


What’s the result of that?


You’re not worn out from 6 hours of chopping down a tree.


You’ve only spent 2 hours which gives you the freedom to do what you want for the rest of the day, instead of sleeping to recover from 6 hours of hacking.


I’m simplifying this concept, I know.


But this quote from Abraham Lincoln is popular for a reason. And it’s something that we focus on at James Hopkins Coaching


Because it means focusing on the skills that it takes to do the job. And then when it comes time to do the job, it’s a smooth process.


The same principles apply to start your online business. The methods are still the same.


You don’t need to throw everything at the sun to find something that sticks.


It doesn’t take years of dragging yourself through the mud to “chop down the tree” of landing your first client and building your online business.


It’s not a monumental task and it shouldn’t be taxing on you or your mental health.


You just need to take proven strategies and tools and apply them to your new business.


And of course, that can save you tons of time, wasted effort and most of all, stress. 


Stress and overwhelm can cause you to stop moving forward altogether, especially when nothing is working.


But when you know exactly what to do? You can throw that “stress” out the window. We spend a lot of time on this at James Hopkins Coaching.


Because when your ax is sharpened, all of your efforts go to the elements that help you get your business started off on the right foot. 


If you’re given 6 months to get your first client, I’m pretty sure you’d rather land it in 2 weeks right?


When you can follow a process that develops a highly valuable skill (your axe), you can then spend less time trying to make things work, and more focused time getting your axe to do the work.


It creates efficiency. 


After all, people come to James Hopkins Coaching, not because they want to do more, but because they want to get started doing something that requires less time.


And that’s exactly what “sharpening your axe” does.