As a business owner, it’s extremely easy to overwhelm yourself.


There are always tasks to do, which can leave you working every moment of your day if you choose to.


One of the most common problems we find our clients have at James Hopkins Coaching, is their ability to find free time around work.


Although they started their business to follow a passion and leave their 9-5, they’ve found that they’re working more hours than ever before.


Finding the right balance and taking time for self-reflection is key to avoiding this problem.


When you spend too much time focusing on your business, you’ll find that you’re missing out on other areas of life.


You may find you’re not spending enough time with your family, you’re no longer participating in hobbies and before you know it, you can find yourself feeling quite lonely.


So how can self-reflection help you to avoid these common problems?


Firstly, it can help you to identify when you’re spending a little too much time on your business.


While the occasional 12 hour day has never hurt anyone, doing this continuously simply isn’t sustainable.


When reflecting on your week, you can quickly identify your mistake and make sure you correct it for the upcoming week.


This helps you to avoid the trap of overworking when managing your own business.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe self-reflection can also help you to improve your decision making.


As a business owner, you will have to make hundreds if not thousands of decisions every week.


As you begin to make tough decisions, reflecting on the way you made them will help you improve your decision making in the future.


You can identify key areas in which your decision was poor to avoid such decisions in the future.


At the same time, you can also identify key areas where you made the right call and reflect on how you made such a call.


This knowledge will accumulate over time, which will ensure your decisions improve one year after the other.


The James Hopkins Team has also found that self-reflection can help to reduce that overwhelming feeling that many new entrepreneurs will experience.


Being an entrepreneur is tough. That’s the reality of it.


But just because it’s difficult, it doesn’t mean you should be unhappy. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.


During your times of self-reflection, you can realise that the ‘overwhelming’ problems around you aren’t actually as bad as you first believed.


In fact, the James Hopkins Coaching team often finds that over time, our clients begin to see problems as challenges that motivate them each week.


This mental mind shift can only occur when you begin to implement self-reflection into your routine.


It allows you to take a step back from the reality of your day to day life and reflect on each area individually.


At the end of the week, begin taking 10 minutes to simply sit down and reflect on the week. Over time, you’ll begin to change the way you think and therefore the way you react to day to day business stressors.