The people who have valuable skills are the ones who make money.

There is no getting around this.

Athletes. Financial planners. Doctors. Lawyers. Investors.

This is a truth that always stands the test of time. When you have a highly valuable skill, you’re able to demand more money.

But when you’re a teacher working abroad, teaching English or any subject, you’re easily replaceable. You don’t get paid a lot because they can find someone else to teach.

A highly valuable skill is NOT replaceable.

And this is exactly what people come to James Hopkins Coaching to learn.

Think about it…

Something that is highly valuable means it is NOT a commodity.

It’s not readily available.

And that means it comes at a higher price tag.

A service that uses a highly valuable skill isn’t super common, so it’s a lot easier for businesses to pay for it because they don’t have many choices.

Businesses want to make more money, so a skill that helps them do that is something they will say yes to over and over again.

They NEED this service.

When you provide this skill through a service, you make it easy to get paid $1000-$2500 per month from EACH client.

For every student that comes though James Hopkins Coaching, this is one of the biggest takeaways for them.

As soona s they get clarity on this, they understand the path it takes to create the lifestyle freedom they want.

For example, if you get just 4 clients paying you $2500, that’s an easy $10k per month.

That’s not hard to do.

But let’s look at something a little simpler, like $4000 per month…

If you were to get 3 clients paying you $1500 per month, you would SURPASS that goal of $4k per month, netting a total of $4500 per month.

And that’s with just 3 clients!

Having 3 clients per month does not require much time at all. And once you land them and you’re providing them with your services, you can bring on more clients to increase your income without drastically increasing your time involvement.

Remember, achieving freedom is the key goal.

Once you start losing that freedom, what’s the point of doing it?

So it’s important to always focus on maximizing your freedom while increasing your income.

What we teach inside James Hopkins Coaching is a proven highly valuable skill that enables you to do that.

Its focus is on doing local marketing for businesses to help them get more leads.

A lead is just a prospect that they can turn into a sale for their company. It’s someone who is interested in the service that business provides, so it’s much easier for the business to turn them into a customer.

A business will happily pay for these leads because they don’t have to do the heavy lifting. They’re willing to pay you to bring them these leads that they otherwise would not have.

And the truth is, there is no “heavy lifting” on your part either.

Your goal is to NOT be working 40-50 hours per week. Your goal is to work far less so you can actually ENJOY the life you’ve built.

Once set up properly, getting results for your clients is a breeze as long as you’re doing the right things.

That’s the secret of what we teach (for our clients only of course). We have students who are making more than they were at their day jobs, working less per week, and traveling more than they ever have.

This is what a highly valuable skill does for you. And more importantly, putting it to use on a consistent basis is what brings in those high dollar months that everyone secretly dreams about.