Over the last few years social media has become one of the world’s leading tools for marketing.


It provides opportunities for businesses of all sizes and allows companies to reach markets around the globe.


However, in many cases larger businesses failed to use social media successfully.


Apart from a few posts on the odd occasion, their posts would be extremely limited and usually very brief.


Many of these companies also failed to use the marketing tools available on each platform, instead sticking to the organic following they had already developed to spread their message.


By 2020, the importance of social media marketing has only just been noticed by large brands, who have now started using the platform for the many benefits it brings.


These are the same benefits we focus on at James Hopkins Coaching, all of which can help you to build your own business and brand.


But what benefits does a social media business really have?


Firstly is the low barriers to entry.


Although large companies already have the budget to create huge marketing campaigns, the aim of any business is to make a profit.


With extremely low costs compared to TV ads, radio ads and billboards, larger companies are realising they can significantly reduce their marketing budget whilst still receiving the same results.


At James Hopkins Coaching this is also a key feature we highlight for our clients.


With a relatively small marketing budget, you can advertise your business and reach your target audience, even if you’re just getting started.


Another reason why large companies are turning to social media is due to the personal touch they can offer.


When watching TV, everyone knows that the ad is directed to a general audience. In fact, many individuals choose to simply mute the TV when the ads come on.


Through social media, big companies are providing their customers with what feels like a personal experience.


They talk to each customer as if they’re solely selling to them.


While this isn’t the case, it leaves a fantastic impression and helps to build up brand loyalty.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we advise using this approach for small businesses who want to build up an audience.


By treating your audience as if they’re your only customer, you can build up brand loyalty and a strong customer base.


This strong customer base will allow you to begin making steady sales revenue and expanding the business further into your chosen market.


The final way we at James Hopkins Coaching have noticed that brands are using social media is to react to trending events.


Many top companies now react to trending events with funny, relatable comments that make the brand appeal more ‘human’ than before.


One of the first examples of this was Oreo in the 2013 Super Bowl.


They created a blackout ad relating to the event on the night.


As a small business, one small yet funny post such as this could create a viral video, which would provide you with thousands if not millions of free shares!