We are currently living in the best time in history to be an entrepreneur.


Never before has it been so easy to set up a business both in terms of time and in terms of costs.


Today, we have the ability to set up a business that aligns with our passions, beliefs and lifestyle.


So why do so many people still hold themselves back? What is stopping them from achieving true satisfaction in life?


At James Hopkins Coaching, we work with hundreds of clients to help them achieve the life they want with a business that fits their goals.


So, why is now a better time than ever before?


In the past, setting up a business has been extremely difficult. The majority of markets were owned by huge corporations who would have complete power.


Though the internet changed this, for many years it was still very difficult to create a business of your own.


In the early days of the internet, you needed to be a tech wiz just to know how you use a computer.


Building a website was extremely expensive, with many tech agencies at the time asking for hundreds of thousands to build one!


Today, you can get a fully functional website built for you, for less than £50.


If the extremely high prices weren’t hard enough, then getting a stable internet connection was the next problem.


We now enjoy the leisure of fibre optic broadband for around £30 a month. Back in the early internet era, this could cost around £2000 and often wasn’t available in most areas.


Over the last 5 years alone, the opportunities for entrepreneurs have expanded exponentially, with many James Hopkins Coaching clients taking advantage of such developments.


Now, a Facebook Ad Campaign can be created in only 15 minutes for as little as £5.


Imagine such an offer 50 years ago?


These opportunities are everywhere and at James Hopkins Coaching, we teach people how to get the most out of them.


Another significant change in the market is to do with understanding technology.


Until 5 to 10 years ago, most entrepreneurs were intimidated by the technical aspects of setting up a business. From basic programming, website design and marketing, individuals believed they did not have the skill sets needed.


This has since changed forever.


Now, you can enjoy the benefits of an online business without needing any of these skills!


All of these tasks can be outsourced to another company or freelancer at an extremely affordable rate.


At the same time, your website host platform will take care of all technical aspects for a small fee each month.


All you need to do is focus on bringing your idea to life!


With so much opportunity around us and little risk involved for a startup, it has never been a better time to create your business.


With the help of James Hopkins Coaching, you can establish yourself in a niche of your choice and begin changing the way you live your life forever.


It all starts with a single idea which turns into a successful company.