Starting your own business can seem like a great idea.


And in today’s world, it really is an amazing thing you can do. Not only is it an accomplishment, but it shows what happens when you go after something you believe in.


People come to James Hopkins Coaching to start digital advertising businesses from scratch.


Many times, we have conversations with people who are faced with an uphill battle in starting a business.


They know they want something more for their lives but they just can’t seem to get around to doing it.


Much of that comes down to not knowing how to do it, which is why they come to James Hopkins Coaching for help.


But before they realize the only roadblock holding them back is knowing how to do it, they have to get past the roadblock that tells them they’re “crazy” for even thinking about starting their own business!


Usually in these cases, it’s outside influence that has them thinking they’re crazy for thinking that starting their own business could work.


And in nearly all of those situations, that “bad advice” comes from people who don’t believe in starting a business or who don’t have business experience.


They may have also tried starting a business in the past but gave up once it failed.


These people who try to influence others to NOT do something productive for their lives are only hindering people from reaching their goals.


The best advice we can give anyone who comes to James Hopkins Coaching is that you aren’t crazy for wanting to start a business.


It’s not a pipedream. It’s not ridiculous.


When you know you want something that can IMPROVE your life, it’s not crazy to go after it.


It’s one thing if you were going to be adding something negative to your life, like drugs or excessive alcohol.


Of course those are bad things and should be discouraged!


But when you are on the path to self improvement and want to create a better future for yourself and for your family, that my friends, is never a bad thing.


The key to understanding this is that when you have a goal, it’s good to go after it.


Because the truth is, no business was built off people being safe.


It takes courage and it takes hard work and effort to achieve a goal. If someone says you’re crazy for wanting to achieve a goal then they’re not looking out for your best interests.


The best part about starting a business, especially an online business, is that it gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore and do what you want with your life.


So while you took the effort to start a business, create income security for your life, and quit your job…


The people who thought you were crazy are now jealous that you set out to achieve a goal and created the life you want.


We prepare everyone who comes to James Hopkins Coaching to embrace the fact that they decided to make a change in their life, and they should be glad they didn’t listen to those who said they were crazy.