With loads of business models out there in the world, it’s easy to get stuck thinking about which one you want to do.

Between blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, e-commerce, Amazon, and loads of other businesses, it can seem daunting to try and figure out what is the right business model for you.

When people come to James Hopkins Marketing for help with starting an online business, we always tell them that they need to look at what they want for their goals.

So the best way to look at it is to discover what your needs are for your lifestyle.

What kind of life do you want for yourself and for your family? How do you want to spend your day? What would the perfect day look like?

Where do you want to live?

First, you have to know the lifestyle you want, because only then can you pick the business model that works for you.

Each business model has its pros and cons, and in many cases, the cons outweigh the pros. I’ve gone into detail about each of these at James Hopkins Marketing so I’ll save the time here.

You just want to be careful as you move forward, because the wrong business model won’t be conducive to the lifestyle you want. 

If the lifestyle you want is geared towards maximum freedom, then you need to find a business model that gives you that.

And that sort of freedom isn’t just about control over your schedule, because if you’re working all day, then that’s a problem that will remove you from your freedom.

Freedom means that you have time to enjoy that freedom. And more importantly, you have money that gives you that kind of freedom.

The most successful business model that I’ve found to be effective with James Hopkins Marketing is the client social media business model.

This is one that focuses on getting clients more customers through services you provide for them on social media.

The reason why this business model works is because every local business needs help in this area. 

Most businesses aren’t using social media effectively or they’re not using it at all, which means they need serious help because they’re missing out on tons of potential revenue.

That itself makes it an easy business model to start because it’s fairly easy to get clients.

Sure, the business model is great to get clients, so that means you’ll be able to make money.

But how does this play into what we were talking about earlier in terms of lifestyle?

Because if the business model doesn’t work with your lifestyle, then you can disregard it.

Well it’s safe to say that the online social media business is the best in terms of lifestyle freedom because it provides all of the benefits without any of the cons.

It’s why we recommend it and walk people through it at James Hopkins Marketing.

The main reason why it’s a good business model for lifestyle freedom is because it generates cash really quickly. It’s easy to bring in $2000 per client, per month, meaning you only need a handful of clients to have real freedom.

And getting results for each client doesn’t take all day. A business model like this doesn’t require working 80 hours per week. 

Plenty of our students at James Hopkins Marketing have built their businesses to where they work for a few hours per day and enjoy the rest of the day doing things they love.

You want a business model that lets you bring in cash quickly, but also while still allowing you to have the freedom you desire.

When a business model, like an online social media business, fits into that, then it’s a winner.