The most successful people in life are disciplined.


There really is no way around it. Without discipline, we cannot achieve success.


It allows us to cope with the many challenges that are thrown our way and keep going even when life seems to kick us down.


The reality is, success is an extremely difficult process. Failure and rejection can quickly cause one to quit and many will give up on their dreams altogether.


However, we teach people to look at challenges as an opportunity to grow at James Hopkins Coaching.


It allows us to improve our skill sets, our ability to solve problems and our ability to take live head-on.


Individuals who are disciplined make their own lives easier by continuously refining their skills, no matter how difficult things may appear.


So what makes disciplined individuals more likely to succeed?


One of the key features we have identified at James Hopkins Coaching is that disciplined people are usually the hardest workers in the room.


Being average simply isn’t good enough.


They will always test themselves and push out of their comfort zones.


Whether this be working extra hours, running that extra mile or studying to the early hours of the morning.


No matter the situation, they work hard to achieve their outcome in less time than the average person.


From a business perspective, this is what allows them to be successful in their ventures.


They won’t take no as a failure, but as an opportunity to learn.


What can be improved for the next meeting? What can I do to secure my next client?


This way of thinking is the real difference between success and failure, for failure can only become so when one quits.


When creating the lightbulb, Thomas Edison once said I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.


Those who have worked with James Hopkins Coaching understand that discipline starts with the way you think.


Disciplined people are very careful about the thoughts they allow in their mind. They make a conscious decision to think only of positivity and success.


No matter how much life may kick them down, they always remain positive.


They look at failure as an opportunity to learn and begin moving forward to their next goal.


Any negative thought simply does not serve their purpose and so is removed altogether.


One of the key features of any disciplined individual and one we believe is of the utmost importance at James Hopkins Coaching is accountability.


We all make mistakes, that is simply a part of life.


However, disciplined individuals do not blame others when something does not go their way. They will take full account of any failure or misunderstanding that is their own.


Rather than dwelling on these problems, they take the blame and move onto the next objective.


This allows for the development of fantastic personal and business relationships which allows for success in the future.


If you’re looking to achieve real success in life, developing your discipline is your first step.