So, you’ve started saving and want to get started with investments.

You’re excited and feeling ready to get started, but where should you begin?

Should you invest in stocks? Shares of a company? Commodities?

No, no and no.

We know what you’re thinking. If I can’t invest in these, what should I invest in?

The answer to this, is yourself.

But how can one invest in themselves?

You are not a stock and technically you can’t make any profit from this, correct?


Self-investment is not only the first investment you should make, but in the long term, it will provide you with a higher return than any investment you will make.

At James Hopkins Coaching, we teach our students the fundamentals of self-investment.

Self-investment comes in many forms.

It can come from a course, a book, a class and many other forms.

Anything that helps to improve you as a person is classed as a self-investment.

It will provide you with greater clarity, focus and joy into your life.

After investing in yourself, you will feel invigorated and motivated knowing that you have helped develop yourself as a person.

This is something that many education systems around the world continuously forget to teach people- the value of themselves.

At first, progress may seem slow. You will read a book and apply it to your life, making a few minor changes.

What people don’t realise, is that knowledge accumulates.

Each book you read, each class you take and each session you complete help to take you to the next level in life.

We have found that many of our students at James Hopkins Coaching not only made minor changes, but turned their whole life around within a year!

The great thing about self-investment is that it’s affordable for anyone.

If you have a spare £10 you can buy a book.

You can then save an extra £10 whilst reading this book to save up for another.

Whilst your wealth at the time may not increase, your mindset and mentally will grow exponentially.

Then, when the time comes to go to the next level, you will be ready to do so.

This can be in the form of a promotion, starting a business or starting a new career altogether.

So why do we focus on self-investment so much at James Hopkins Coaching?

Life itself is very unpredictable.

You can lose your money, your home, your friends.

But one thing you will always have if your mind.

If you build up a mindset of success and begin implementing this in your life, you can achieve what you want no matter your situation.

This is why you often hear stories of people who came from nothing and achieved huge success after years of failure.

At James Hopkins Coaching, we can make sure your self-investment puts you on the way to achieving your dreams.

All it takes is a single decision to change your life forever.

The sooner you make it, the sooner you can make changes.