The most successful entrepreneurs are able to overcome challenges and obstacles, working to improve both the intellectual and the organisational elements of their business. A strong focus on success is also an essential element amongst entrepreneurs and business people; a success-driven attitude will be instrumental in achieving the business’s goals and, once they have been achieved, setting bigger goals and greater challenges.

‘Think big, act small’ is a good maxim for entrepreneurs. Whilst striving for success, it is important to stay attuned to any small gains or opportunities that present themselves, as no battle is too small. Piece-meal progress is the way forward. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions, as they will never present themselves; it is timelier and smarter to have a solid but imperfect plan.

As the leader of a business, aim to be a mentor and a role model, the person who has a strong vision. Strong leadership is an effective and powerful motivator within a company. A leader should recognise the work that their line managers do, keeping out of the way but providing support where needed. For further information about good leadership, take a look at the embedded PDF.

Successful entrepreneurs are bold in their actions, following their intuition and exploring unchartered territories. Learning from their mistakes, entrepreneurs are able to improve on past errors, making their mistakes count towards their future successes. The ability to think critically is important for entrepreneurs. Questioning society’s assumptions and viewpoint enables them to go against the grain and make truly smart decisions.

The ability to cut out the noise of the world is another essential skill for entrepreneurs, as it is all too easy to waste time flicking between email, text and Twitter. Approaching work in a focused and disciplined way is critical to success, and managing distractions is a huge part of being an entrepreneur. Aim to keep out any unnecessary noise or information, without cutting out important and relevant news – finding this balance will ensure that you are ahead of the competition and able to complete tasks in a timely manner.

James Hopkins Coaching Limited is a coaching business founded by James Hopkins to share his knowledge about establishing and operating a successful business in the digital marketing industry. Hopkins’ advice via The Lifestyle Marketeer Program has encouraged many of his clients to establish their own successful businesses, understanding that taking risks is an important element of becoming an entrepreneur.

A competitive spirit can be a huge advantage when establishing a business venture, particularly in the contemporary landscape where eCommerce and the global economy have opened up opportunities for everyone all around the world. Technology and other modern innovations have lowered the barriers-to-entry, and as such, companies are increasingly overlapping and encroaching on each other’s territory.

A competitive spirit is a useful tool in business – as the winner you have successfully beaten the competition, and as the loser, it is an opportunity to learn how to improve and perform better next time. New technologies and innovations are created out of a competitive spirit, and it helps small start-up companies to become industry leaders and corporate giants.

There are many myths and legends about how the most successful entrepreneurs came to be at the top of their industries. However, in most cases these entrepreneurs got to their final destination by putting one foot in front of the other, rather than simply having high aspirations and lofty ideals. A sense of personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and being highly accountable are vital elements of success, as well as a natural inclination towards problem solving and troubleshooting.