When you are looking to start a new digital advertising business that fully functions online, it can seem like a big task to get started.

After all, a business isn’t successful until it has clients and continues to grow.

If you’re new to business or marketing or sales, this can seem like “alien language” to you.

At James Hopkins Coaching, I always love to break things down so that complete beginners can be successful at starting their digital advertising business.

So when you want to realistically start and grow your business, you need to focus on what really matters to truly build it.

It’s not business cards. It’s not fancy websites. It’s not even establishing a tax structure or business organization.

It’s simply about getting a client.

That is the most important point to building and running your business.

When you can land a client that pays you 4 figures every month, you can do it again, and again and continue to land more clients.

All it takes is one client to get your business going. You don’t need 20 clients before you start your business.

You just need one to get the ball rolling. From that point forward, it’s about growing that.

So how do you get your first client?

Inside what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching, we focus on a handful of strategies to acquire clients.

These strategies put you in touch with prospective clients so that they know that you are someone who is capable of helping them.

Because you have your niche selected and know exactly who to talk to, it makes it easier to talk to those people and also, it makes it apparent to them that you are the one who provides them with the solution they’ve been looking for.

The key here to remember is that you are talking to the right people. If they know that you are capable of solving their problems, they will be far more likely to book a call with you.

So how do you find your first client?

You have to look in places where they would be online.

Are they on Facebook?

Are they on LinkedIn?

Are there any other places you could find them?

Chances are they are in more than one of these places and you can find them if you look right.

The key is to know exactly how to find them.

On Facebook, people have their occupation or business name attached to their profile. You can also find the business by searching on Google.

That will give you information about the owner, the email address, and any other contact information.

You can find them on Facebook to verify it’s the right person. You can also verify who they are on LinkedIn.

From that point, you just need to send them a message so they get to know you.

Just remember not to pitch them your services immediately. What you want to do is send them a message that lets them understand they could use your help.

And from there, just have a conversation. Pretty soon, you’ll find that you’re booking calls left and right that lead to them becoming your clients.

There are so many more strategies like what is taught at James Hopkins Coaching, but if you just focus on keeping it simple, you’ll be able to start landing clients sooner than you think.