When clients come to James Hopkins Coaching, they always want to land the big fish.

The big fish is the big client who will pay them the big bucks, giving them the income and freedom they want.

Of course, you never want to rely on one client to grow your business. Because if you were to lose that client, you would be without any revenue.

So obviously, it’s important to have multiple clients, whether they’re “big fish” or not.

But the key in building an online social media business like what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching, isn’t about the “big fish” client.

There is one important client that you’ll land, and when you land this client, your business will change forever.

I mean really, this will take your business from one level to completely different level where you’ll be jumping for joy.

And when you can land this client, you’ll prove to yourself and to everyone else that you’ve made it and that your skills are truly “highly valuable”. It’s something that we make sure every student at James Hopkins Coaching is aware of.

Want to know what that client is?

The most important client you’ll ever land in your business is your very first client.

It’s not your fifth client, your 10th client, or even your fiftieth client.

The most important client that you’ll land is your first client because it proves that you have a real business!

There is no better feeling than closing your first deal and getting that client. Everything that you’ve worked so hard for has finally come to fruition and the labor has paid off.

We set up our programs at James Hopkins Coaching to help people get results quickly, because landing that first client is paramount to success.

That first client proves that you have a business that you can grow.

So now you’ve gone from having no business with zero clients, to an actual business that has a client.

And all that matters from that point forward is to get more clients, scale and grow.

But the amazing part is that, once you land five clients or ten clients, the feeling is never as good as the first client.

Sure, landing more clients and making more money is obviously the goal, but after a while, it just becomes a score card.

The first client is where the magic happens, because that’s the first person who said yes to you, who trusted you for help, and who paid you for services.

You build a relationship with them that can last for a very long time and it’s because of them that the rest of your business is built upon.

Everyone at James Hopkins Coaching loves to post a victory when they land their first client ever because they understand the hard work it takes to get there. And once they finally achieve it, they see that more doors have opened up for them.

Now they have opportunities to grow the business to new heights with that first client as the backbone of it all.