For most people, especially expats who decide to live abroad, making the choice for themselves is a big part of where they are.


They went against the grain to live where they want and do what they want.


Maybe you’re an expat who chose to achieve location independence and freedom, like so many people who come to James Hopkins Coaching.


With that said, you may not have achieved the true independence you desired, but you still made the choice to live abroad and you were successful at doing that.


Successful meaning, you picked a place you wanted to live and decided to leave your home country to live there.


It takes guts to do that, and surely, you faced some resistance from your peers or family when you made the decision to do so.


I know I did, but I stuck to my gut and went with it.


I ignored the naysayers, which made me step out of my comfort zone so I could do something I didn’t think was possible.


I chose to live abroad. And you did too.


Or maybe you live at home and you want to travel, or you’ve been traveling.


Maybe you just want the freedom to travel or live where you want.


Or maybe you just want to quit your job so you can do what you want and not have a boss screaming down your neck.


Yes, this is THE dream.


I made that dream a reality and so did so many of my students at James Hopkins Coaching.


So here’s the thing.


Doing that requires stepping out of your comfort zone.


Every time you are faced with a situation that feels uncomfortable, it’s usually when you have to go for it.


Because when you don’t, you sit back in the same place you’ve always been and you never move forward.


You never truly get what you want, which leads to the infamous line “you’ll always wonder what would happen if you just decided to go for it”.


I’m probably butchering that line but you get the idea!


It all comes down to seeing what you want, and going after it when you are presented with an opportunity.


The thing is, most people turn down amazing opportunities to change their lives.


Maybe you knew someone who had the opportunity to travel or live abroad, but decided not to.


And then now, they see the beautiful pictures you post because you decided to step out of your comfort zone to live “your best life”.


Or maybe, you’re working a job abroad, and you see others who have the ultimate freedom of traveling and living abroad without having to work.


And that’s because they stepped out of their comfort zone and created income security in their lives that led to the freedom they have.


Whether that means they came through James Hopkins Coaching or not isn’t the point.


The point is that they saw a life they wanted, and they made the choice to go after it.


In the end, true freedom is the result.