Do you want to know the secret to success in business?


Not giving up.


Many of us believe that to be successful in business, you have to be a creative genius.


When talking about successful entrepreneurs, we often look at Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos’s and Steve Jobs.


However, what we often don’t realise is that these individuals were not born successful. Nor did they achieve the level of success they have had without tremendous failures.


In fact, without those failures, they wouldn’t be the great names we know of today.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe the number one reason for businesses failing in their first 3 years is the business owner giving up.


They come against multiple hurdles and one day decide this simply isn’t for them anymore.


The reality is quite the opposite. Only through these hurdles can an individual become a great business owner.


The majority of skills needed to be a great entrepreneur can only be learnt through first-hand experience.


Only through your daily interactions can you begin building up the skills needed to succeed in your chosen niche.


This is the case no matter what market you operate in.


Whether you run a digital marketing company, an e-commerce store or a brick and mortar business, it’s the challenges you face that will mould you to become great at what you do.


When you think of a successful business owner, try to think of one that didn’t overcome multiple problems to get where they are today.


Can you think of any? It’s very unlikely.


This is something we focus on at James Hopkins Coaching- the importance of not giving up.


Throughout life we all go through struggles and this is no different with business.


You’ll find there are months where you don’t meet objectives, have to get rid of staff and even months where you fail to break even.


This is all part of the learning curve and must be overcome to achieve success.


When working with the James Hopkins Coaching team, you’ll quickly find that we focus on building resilient individuals.


Individuals who don’t give up at the first sign of struggle.


Individuals who keep pushing even when the odds are stacked against them.


These are the individuals who will one day become successful.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we also focus on patience.


If you were working a job, you wouldn’t quit because you didn’t make 5k in your first month. So why would you give up in a business scenario?


5K months will come, but it’s important that you focus on the now.


Business can be extremely slow and tedious at first. Focus on improving your service and your operations at first.


As you begin to develop your business and your reputation the financial benefits will come.


However, if you choose to give up in the first few months… well, they’ll never come.


No matter how difficult things may appear at the time, remember they will improve. Don’t give up and keep pushing no matter what. This is what makes a great business leader.