There is an aspect to starting and growing a business that is instrumental in the growth and success of it.

When you have this one thing, it can not only speed up your rate of success, but also help you to get results you never thought were possible.

This single aspect is something called ACCOUNTABILITY and it’s really important to everyone who comes to James Hopkins Coaching for help.

Maybe you’ve heard of it before and that’s great!

Accountability is a major key to starting a successful business that actually grows regardless of what is happening in the world.

Every great business has accountability partners that help them to stay on the right path and get to where they want to go.

Think about it this way…

A massive company like Amazon or Apple has a Board of Directors that helps to steer the company in the right direction.

Generally, many of the people won’t even be part of the company. They’re from outside the company who can provide an outside perspective to how the company should perform at the time.

They help the company to make key decisions that saves them time and helps them accelerate growth in the company.

Now you’re probably thinking, “James, I’m not trying to build some massive company like Google. I just want to make $5k-$10k/month and quit my job so I can have more freedom, not more problems!”

And believe me, I hear you.

That’s exactly why accountability is so crucial to everyone who jumps in for help with James Hopkins Coaching.

Because with the right accountability partners and mentors, you can build exactly what you want to achieve YOUR goals, not generic goals.

When your goals are specific and you have the right help through accountability, you can build what you want for your desired lifestyle.

Remember, you have to look at what’s important to you and use that to drive you further.

Get your goals in place and keep them on hand at all times so you never lose sight of where you’re going.

Share those goals with your accountability partners so they can help you stay on track.

Let them help you make sure that you’re going after your goals and targets.

This prevents you from not doing the daily actions, or the “daily workflow” which is what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching.

The people who support you and are holding you accountable will want you to succeed. Of course you won’t want to let them down, but more importantly, they don’t want you to let yourself down. So they will guide you through the process.

When your accountability partners are constantly achieving success, it shows you that you can do it as well, which pushes you forward to get results for your business too.

Chances are, your accountability partners have been where you are and are now at where you want to go.

At James Hopkins Coaching, the coaches help all of the students to get on their level by leading them and showing them what they’re doing in their own businesses so the students can learn from them as well.

All of this accountability and mentorship helps to reduce the guesswork that comes with figuring it out on your own so you can achieve your goals faster.

The beauty of accountability is that as you grow, the accountability grows with you.

It gets better and pushes you to become better so that your new business becomes something that not only enables your lifestyle, but empowers you to live the life you’ve always wanted.