Growing up we all heard the phrase “If you want something done right, do it yourself”.


Usually, this advice was given to you by someone who tries to take on everything themselves. The reality is doing everything yourself every day simply isn’t possible.


This is certainly the case when it comes to business.


Although you can start a successful single owner business, you’ll always find yourself with little to no free time.


As you begin to expand and your products/services are in greater demand, you will soon find that you simply don’t have the hours in the day to manage everything.


At James Hopkins Coaching, this is a problem that many of our clients find themselves in.


Before they know it, they’re working 7 days a week micromanaging every area of the business.


The key to preventing this is knowing when to delegate- one of the biggest challenges a small business will experience during its first few years of operations.


Delegating key tasks in your business is not only important, but essential for future success.


So, when you delegate what are the key aspects of delegation you should focus on?


Firstly, you need to make sure systems are in place for new employees/ contractors to follow that point out exactly what you want them to do.


One problem our clients have at James Hopkins Coaching, is that they expect new employees to fully understand how the business operates.


In reality, this takes time and a good system to teach them.


Building this system and putting it in place is the first thing you must focus on.


Once you have built your system, you must begin looking for the right individuals to delegate each task to.


It’s important to note that when delegating, attitude is everything.


For example, if you’re looking for an accountant to work for you for 3 hours a week, who would you choose?


Candidate A has 4 years of experience and a fixed mindset. They know they’re good at what they do, but have no passion to learn.


Candidate B has only a year of experience. However, they’re very passionate about what they do and are always willing to learn new things.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe candidate B would be the best option.


This individual wants to grow as a person. Though not as experienced, they will bring passion and energy into your business, which is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.


By combining an effective system with the right individuals you will overcome one of the biggest challenges that a small business will face.


When working with the James Hopkins Coaching team, we make sure that the systems in place are good enough to ensure productivity remains the same when delegating tasks.


We understand that failing to delegate as well as failing to set up the right system can have serious consequences.


Build a strong system and you’ll build a strong foundation for your business growth.