The best business model that any expat can build is unquestionably…

A Digital Advertising Business.

It’s the FASTEST way to not only generate the income you want for the lifestyle you desire, but it also requires the least amount of work for the best results. And of course, this is what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching.

Please note that I didn’t say “no work”. It does require work (as does anything that leads to success in this world), but know that the return on the work you put in is really quite large.

As I break this down, it’s going to make complete sense as to why this is the best business model for expats.

Unlike other business models, this is the only one that creates a high income very quickly.

And it doesn’t just create a high income, but it creates high profit as well.

You can easily charge $1000-$5000 per month for every client that you take on. If you get only 5 clients at $1000, that’s still an easy $5000 monthly recurring revenue.

With high profit, you get to keep most of the income because there are very little expenses on your end. You don’t have to pay for staff, or an office, or inventory of products like other business models.

All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Chances are, you probably already have access to these.

So every month, you bill your client, $1500 for example, and you get this month after month.

You don’t have to trade time for money to get these monthly recurring retainers either. We teach this extensively at James Hopkins Coaching because it’s important to build a business that has longevity with cashflow.

Whether you spend 10 hours on a client per month or 1 hour per week, you still receive your payment as long as you continue to get them results.

This is the best part about this business model. Not having to trade time for money means you create the income you want, regardless of how much time you put in.

It gives you more freedom to do what you want because you’re not stuck doing work just for the hours you put in. Rather, you do work that gets results and you are rewarded handsomely for that.

The high income without having to trade time for money is what creates true freedom for people.

It’s how our students have been able to travel the world, go home on holiday, meet up with other Marketeers (the students inside James Hopkins Coaching) across the world, and spend time how they see fit.

Like Benjamin who was able to quit his job, travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, and move to Costa Rica.

Like Charlotte who is booking trips across Asia, hopping from Thailand to Myanmar to Japan and tons more countries.

Like Bradley who quit his teaching job after working endless hours in Vietnam and is now taking off from country to country, city to city – from Saigon to Bali To Mauritius to Cape Town.

How would they be able to spend so much time traveling if they were tied to the hours they spend working?

The answer is they don’t worry about how many hours they spend working. Their only goal is getting results for their clients. And because they get paid often 4 figures per client, it makes it easy for them to not only afford to travel to where they want to go, but they have the FREEDOM to do it.

That’s what makes this business model so incredible.

It’s worked for me and gave me a life in Thailand and home in the UK to where I could travel comfortably anywhere with my wife and baby boy. It’s given my team the freedom to be where they want while they still get results for their clients as well as support our community.

I may not know you personally, but I’m sure there’s something that you want that is outside of your current situation.

Maybe it’s a place you’ve been dreaming of visiting. The Great Pyramids maybe?

Maybe it’s a place you’ve been dreaming of living in. Bali? Singapore? Napoli?

Maybe it’s an income that you know can give you the experiences you want – whether that’s hanging out with friends in new places, attending events that are important to you, spending time with family during significant holidays, etc.

Maybe it’s an income that gives you control over your days – waking up when you want, exploring a new location, eating exotic dishes at any time of the day(not chicken and rice like I was eating before I found this business model), hopping on a flight when you want, and just plain doing what makes you happy!

It can be any or all of these things and more!

This is what makes a digital advertising business the BEST business model to start for expats because of the lifestyle it provides. It’s why so many people come to James Hopkins Coaching for help.

Now, let me explain to you what a digital advertising business really is.

A digital advertising business is one where you provide advertising services on a variety of platforms for local businesses. When you provide these services, you get leads for your clients that turn into paying customers for them.

These services can include generating leads on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.

We focus on these platforms because they are proven and they are not going away anytime soon. They’re here for the long haul.

More importantly, businesses NEED to be on these platforms, and many of them are aware of it! This alone makes it easy to sell them on these services because they are ready jumping at the gun to advertise on these platforms.