One of things we really talk about in length at James Hopkins Coaching is the concept of doing valuable work.

To break this down, we need to look at what the opposite of this is.

We can look at teachers as an example of what I’m talking about.

So when you are teaching, of course you are providing valuable work to students because you are helping to shape their future.

However, when you are working for a school, you might be underpaid and undervalued for this type of work.

Think about it. You’re shaping the future of the world but you get paid barely anything for it.

More importantly, a boss might see you as replaceable because they can just get someone else to teach the same exact thing you’re teaching.

This is where the “undervaluing” concept comes in to play.

It doesn’t mean you have no value, but it just means you are not valued by the employer.

This might sting a little. I know this because I was in this exact same position when I was working at the call center.

I was seriously undervalued and it would hurt because I was easily replaceable. This was of course far before the days of James Hopkins Coaching.

That’s why I chose to do something that would lead to me doing something incredibly valuable.

And the only way I was able to do that was to learn a highly valuable skill set that would make me irreplaceable.

I wanted to make sure that whoever I worked with was aware that the work I was providing was valuable.

But it wasn’t just about how it was perceived, it was about the real value that was being provided!

So what did I do?

I learned the highly IN DEMAND skill set of digital advertising for local businesses.

When a skill is in serious demand, then it is more valuable and ultimately, businesses are willing to pay for it.

Because businesses need digital advertising, they aren’t going to pass it off as a commodity and simply overlook it.

They’re going to seriously look at it as a requirement for the business and EXACTLY what they need.

This is what leads to businesses begging to work with the people who come into the programs of James Hopkins Coaching because they see what’s being provided as a necessity for their growth.

When you have learned a valuable skill set, you immediately become “in demand” and are no longer undervalued or underpaid.

This is why it pays to learn a new skill set that you can take with yourself wherever you go.

Whether you want to start and grow an online business that gives you the freedom to do what you want…

Or you want to learn a skill set that puts you in demand and gives you a complete change in career…

Having the knowledge and tools at your fingertips can help make that transition a reality.

It’s why over 500+ people have come to James Hopkins Coaching for that help.

In today’s ever changing climate, it’s important to have a highly valuable skill set that puts you in control of your income and your future.