If 100 years you told someone that you managed a business without ever meeting your clients in person, they would call you a liar.


In fact, if you did this even 10 years ago, people would have their doubts.


However, in the modern day economy, online businesses are not only becoming more popular, but also more profitable every day.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we can teach you how to set up and manage your own online business, enjoying the many benefits that it brings.


So what benefits can you enjoy from running an online business?


Firstly, you can enjoy the benefits of greater flexibility.


In the past, you would have to travel to your office every day. Stay late at night and get there early in the morning.


Now, with an online business, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home.


Rather than having to commute every day, you can run your business without needing to step out of bed.


This is one of the greatest benefits of an online business and can save you hours if not days of commuting time every year.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe that one of the greatest benefits of an online business is that you have 24 hour access to a global pool of potential clients.


In the past, you would be limited to clients in your town or city as a small business.


With an online business, you can access any country in the world- especially with social media marketing.


You can create a marketing campaign tailored to a particular country or area and even choose the particular traits of individuals who will see it.


As well as the benefits of greater flexibility and a larger audience, you can also start the business with little to no costs.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we noticed that one of the main reasons people would avoid starting their own business, was that they didn’t have the financial capital to get started.


With an online business, all you need is time to get started.


With only a few hours of work every day, you can begin building an online business that funds your car, mortgage or your travel plans with little to no startup capital required.


On top of this, you also don’t need an office to work in. You can work anywhere, anytime around the globe as long as you have a WiFi signal.


This provides you with the income of a normal job and the freedom of someone who owns a business.


You’re not tied down to a specific location, which we at James Hopkins Coaching believe is one of the greatest benefits of any online business.


Over time, you can begin developing a passive income, which will further decrease the number of hours you need to work, whilst ensuring you have the financial capabilities to pay off anything you need to.


The sooner you get started with your online business, the sooner you can begin enjoying the benefits of owning one!