So you want to start your own business for the first time.


You have a number of plans and ideas that you now want to make a reality.


But where can you start? Is setting up a business not extremely complex?


Where do I go? How do I market my product? Do I need to pay tax?


These are just some of the many questions we are asked at James Hopkins Coaching.


Every year, thousands of individuals decide it’s now the right time to begin starting their business.


But how difficult is this process?


If you look at it as an entire project, it can appear extremely daunting.


There are hundreds of things you need to do right?


Well… This isn’t quite true anymore.


In the past this would have certainly been the case. You would require documentation from the government, contracts with suppliers and a large fund to get started.


Today, you can create a business from literally nothing with the power of social media.


With a social media account, you can build up your own product and following and create a marketing campaign for as little as £5.


You read that right. £5!!


James Hopkins Coaching helps hundreds of individuals set up their own digital companies around the globe each year.


This particular market has grown exponentially over the past decade and is only set to grow more as time goes on.


So how can you get started?


Begin by creating a social media account for your product.


This can literally be anything from a product you have designed to a service you can offer. In many situations, the more simple your product, the easier it is to advertise!


Now you have a product and you’ve created a social media account. This is where things get fun!


Using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can begin advertising your products and building an audience.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we advise using your Instagram to create visual masterpieces, Twitter for customer support and Facebook for advertising!


Utilizing all 3 will provide you with the greatest opportunity to connect with your target audience.


Once you begin building a following you can start to develop your product and brand further.


Take on each challenge as it comes. Nobody can set up a successful business in a single day.


In fact, most brands you know today took years or even decades before they were successful!


Patience is a virtue and a skill that will go very far when creating your first business.


As your business continues to expand, the James Hopkins Coaching team will provide you with comprehensive solutions and guidance to each obstacle.


Though each is a challenge in itself, it should not stop you on your journey.


Break everything down and all of a sudden something that appeared to be extremely scary, is suddenly a lot more achievable.


Keep this mindset throughout your business and you’ll soon realise that getting started online isn’t as complex as it’s made out to be!