James Hopkins is the proud designer of The Lifestyle Marketeer Program
This training program teaches the skills and knowledge that are necessary to set up a successful digital marketing business. Hopkins created the program as a way to enable people from around the world to take back control of their lives, gaining financial freedom and location independence.

Hopkins is an expert business mentor and coach, a digital marketing consultant, and an expat liberator. Hopkins and his Lifestyle Marketeer Program help expats and aspiring expats to start an online business that offers them the time and freedom that they crave.

An expat – or ‘expatriate’ – is a term that describes someone that is living away from their native country, either permanently or on a temporary basis. Typically, the term is reserved for people who have moved abroad to find or follow employment, and for retirees who move abroad, whereas those who are seeking asylum or refuge, or who are considered as permanent migrants, are not typically referred to as expats.

The Lifestyle Marketeer Program has been designed specifically for the expat community, enabling them to start their own digital marketing agency that runs online ads for local businesses. The mentorship and coaching that is offered by James Hopkins Coaching Limited is performed online, offering prebuilt systems and templates that are simple enough for anyone to follow. The system that Hopkins has created gives expats and others access to a reliable source of income that is entirely online and does not require significant amounts of the business owner’s time.

Hopkins’ program has been taught in numerous locations around the world, as the system has been designed to work in any English-speaking country. So far, the program has students in the US, the UK, the Far East – including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam – and South Africa. Many of the program’s students have found great success with Hopkins, going on to make between $5,000 and $9,300 every month, whilst also gaining more spare time to spend with family, friends and loved-ones.

James Hopkins Coaching Limited is based in Leeds in the United Kingdom and was established in June 2018. James Hopkins is the Founder, CEO, Director and Head Coach of the business.