As a business owner, no two weeks will ever be the same.


One week you may find that your workload has been relatively steady and the next you’re overwhelmed with the tasks at hand.


After a busy, stressful week, it’s important that you take the time to relax and unwind.


One common problem we see at James Hopkins Coaching, is that entrepreneurs will often spend their weekend trying to reduce workloads by working overtime.


While it’s okay to do this every now and then, you don’t want to turn this into a habit.


Instead, turn off your work phone and prepare for a weekend of unwinding.


One recommendation we commonly find ourselves making at James Hopkins Coaching is to turn off all technology.


In a world full of emails, phone calls and Social Media, it’s very easy to catch yourself checking up on your messages when you should be relaxing instead.


Don’t fall into the technology trap. Instead, turn off your devices and seek other forms of entertainment.


You’ll soon realise that nothing happened over the weekend that couldn’t wait until Monday.


This is particularly important when running a digital business, in which you could work 7 days a week if you chose to.


Without the restraints of a physical office, it can be very tempting to simply look over your emails. To unwind properly, you must avoid doing so completely.


One of the best ways to start your weekend after a busy week is to begin with some exercise.


Some light exercise on your Saturday morning, such as a light run will help your body to release endorphins.


This will help you to feel good and will also help reduce the stress that you have built up during the week.


If you have a local area full of greenery, this is the place to run. The natural ambience of such areas is a natural stress buster and will help improve the effect you achieve from your exercise.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we also advise using the weekend to catch up on lost sleep.


According to many internet guru’s, a business owner is required to work continuously and limit their sleep.


Not only will this have a negative impact on your productivity, but can also be dangerous in the long term.


Use the weekend to get in that extra hour or two that you need to recover.


Your body will certainly thank you for this on Monday when the workweek starts again.


The final recommendation we would make at James Hopkins Coaching is to take a step back and organise your thoughts.


Throughout the week, we think of thousands of things a day which can leave us feeling quite overwhelmed.


Use the weekend to organise your thoughts for the week so that you don’t go back into the office already feeling overwhelmed.


A great way to do this is to simply sit down and think about everything that’s happened over the past few days.


Reflect on the pros and cons of the week and let your mind reset itself.