We each have our own unique habits as individuals.


Some habits may benefit us, while others may cause more problems than we realise.


If you want to achieve happiness and success in life, it’s important that you remove your negative habits and replace them with ones that serve you.


This is exactly what we help with at James Hopkins Coaching.


By turning your negative habits into positive ones, you can quickly begin making real changes throughout your life.


Such habits will impact you in your personal life, work life and throughout your day to day activities.


So how can you begin turning your negative habits into positive ones?


You must first begin by acknowledging you want to change.


Many of us live in denial that our bad habits are impacting us.


Rather than addressing them, we will sweep them under the rug.


Over time, this causes us to dismiss bad habits altogether. In order to make real changes, we have to acknowledge the impact they’re having and become mentally prepared to change.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we can help you prepare for this process.


Once you have established the habit you want to change, you must start noticing the triggers.


No matter the type of habit, there is usually a trigger that causes us to act a certain way.


For example, if you’re bored or stressed, you may choose to eat food.


Begin noting down how you feel when giving into the habit, what is going on and the time of day.


This will help you to determine the trigger of the bad habit which will allow you to begin making changes.


Our team at James Hopkins Coaching can help you to understand these triggers and begin creating strategies to avoid them.


After understanding your triggers, you can begin the process of turning bad habits into good ones.


For example, if you know you watch TV for 2 hours every evening, you can consider doing some exercise or stretching with the TV on in the background.


You can also turn your triggers into positive behaviours.


Every time the trigger occurs, begin a positive action instead of a negative one.


For example, if you’re stressed and want to eat, go for a 2 to 5 minute walk outside (if possible).


This will help to clear your mind and will at the same time help you replace your bad habit.


Eventually, you will begin completing the positive action naturally and will forget the negative one altogether!


To make sure you stick to your new habit, the James Hopkins Coaching team recommends working with an accountability partner.


This is someone who will push you to maintain your good habits.


They won’t let you slide at the first sign of stress and will remind you of the reasons why you have chosen to change your habits.


Through touch love, this individual will make sure you follow through with your new plan, making sure you begin transforming your life for the better.