When people set out to start a new online business, one of the difficult tasks can be scheduling the work that goes into launching it.

Starting an online business can seem like a huge endeavor that takes massive amounts of time.

Obviously, there is no question that time is required to get anything off the ground, whether it’s learning a new skill, a new hobby, taking a course, or starting a business.

It all requires time. And it’s something we don’t shy away from at James Hopkins Coaching.

But the truth is, it doesn’t take 100 hours per week to do it.

You can be really efficient with your time and still be very effective in starting and growing your business.

This comes down to one important thing. And it can make the difference in how quickly a business takes off.

It can be the driver of growth in a business that leads it to really be successful or to be a hobby.

And it comes down to scheduling your work for your business to be more productive.

A business shouldn’t be about doing more and more.

It should be about being really effective in the things that create revenue for the business.

These revenue creators for the business include reaching out to potential clients, getting on strategy calls, and closing those calls.

Those are what move the needle in the business and they’re a big component of what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching.

Of course, once you get clients, you’ll need to service those clients and fulfill the work for them.

But the key is in making sure that business takes off in the first place.

To do that, you need to schedule work and stick to the schedule.

It doesn’t mean that you have to work for 8 hours per day on the business.

It just means that you schedule the time to work on it so that you can make sure you get the biggest tasks completed for the day.

When you have it scheduled, you know exactly what needs to be done without guessing about it. This has been game-changing for those who work with James Hopkins Coaching.

You also don’t need to schedule tasks that take hours upon hours to complete. You can schedule them in chunks.

So let’s say you need to set up a funnel for a client that includes setting up a landing page and connecting it to automation. It might seem like there are a lot of steps.

But the truth is, you just need to break it down.

What assets does the landing page need? Images? Content? Chunk it down so that you get these first before starting the landing page.

Or you can chunk it down to where you build the landing page first, and then the next chunk would be inputting that content to the landing page.

The next chunk might be to set up the automation for it.

Maybe you can’t do all of this in one day and that’s okay! The key is to know what tasks need to be completed, break them down into chunks, and then schedule those chunks.

Once you get your tasks completed, you’ll be able to schedule more chunks of time.

Then over time, as you get more clients, you’ll have more money that will enable you to leave your job so you can go full time on your business.

But like anyone at James Hopkns Coaching who has more freedom for their lifestyle, you’ll find yourself better at chunking it down, getting more clients, and growing your business.