It’s safe to say that people who reach the top of their field are able to do it because of their skillset.

And more importantly, they’re able to do it because of their tenacity in getting to where they want to be.

This applies to sports athletes, actors, and business tycoons.

But it also applies to people working at a job and starting an online business like with James Hopkins Coaching.

However, there is a huge limiting factor that can prevent a skill set or tenacity from ever seeing the light of day.

It can prevent you from achieving a goal, reaching success, or just doing what you’ve always wanted.

It can stop you from having the income you want and building the life you desire.

This single limiting factor is something called pride or the fear of damaging your pride. It creates obstacles that need to be overcome. But if pride was never a problem, it makes it far easier to get the results you want.

It can not only bring down civilizations, but it can break apart businesses, relationships, and more.

But when you can see the signs that pride is getting in the way, you can do what’s necessary to ensure you are on the path of success. At James Hopkins Coaching, the most successful students are the ones who are not prideful. They are the ones who build the businesses they set out to create.

When you find yourself procrastinating and not taking action, it could be that pride is getting in the way.

People who are prideful are too worried that things could go wrong and they might “look silly”.

They don’t feel the actions they are doing are effective enough so they don’t take any action at all and actually start moving backwards.

They convince themselves that staying still is safer than potentially damaging their ego when literally no one else cares but them.

The truth is, no one cares how “silly” someone looks. They’re only focused on themselves and their goals! Yet many people let this stop them from doing what’s required to move forward because they feel they will be criticized if they do the “wrong thing”.

With over 500 students in James Hopkins Coaching, we’ve noticed that everyone is not only helpful to each other, but also focused on their own personal goals. They came into the programs for a reason, and they’re determined to succeed.

Pride also gets in the way when people fail to ask questions. They believe that asking a question will make them look silly, so they don’t ask it and remain stuck when they could get an answer to their problem in seconds.

There is no such thing as a stupid question, except the one that doesn’t get asked. The key to get around this is surrounding yourself with people who know the answers to your struggles because this will help you make the changes you need in the right direction for your business.

At James Hopkins Coaching, people look to others for help by asking questions in the private community so they can get answers from people who have already solved the problem. It makes the learning process easier.

Getting past your pride is all about pushing forward when your ego is telling you to take a step back and do nothing.

When you put your pride aside, you can create a business that not only gives you the income you want, but the personal growth that you need.