While you need to have confidence to get started in business, your first few months can certainly be a little rocky.


You may at times doubt yourself and a poor meeting can certainly damage your confidence if you haven’t yet developed the right mindset. 


So what can you do to keep your confidence high as you begin building your company?


One of the best tips we advise at James Hopkins Coaching is to let go of the little mistakes. 


Starting a successful business is all about learning from your mistakes. 


You will make hundreds if not thousands of small mistakes throughout your first few years in business. 


To continuously improve your confidence, you need to acknowledge that you become better with each mistake. 


Your mistakes do not define you and therefore they should not shake your confidence. 


Even the biggest mistakes can be overcome as long as you persevere. 


The second tip we recommend at James Hopkins Coaching is that you keep your end goal in mind. 


This tip is particularly important when you’re first getting started, as it will help to remind you of why you’re doing what you do. 


For example, if you wanted to set up your business for a job you hate, remember this when you get rejected on a business call. 


Remember the way in which that job made you feel, as it will give you the confidence to keep going even when you’re scared of further rejection. Don’t let your confidence be the reason you quit. 


The third tip we give our clients at James Hopkins Coaching is to embrace the small wins. 


When you’re first getting started, it’s important that you take time to acknowledge your small wins. 


These wins will help to build up your confidence as you begin to grow and succeed. 


Each individual win will help to bring you close to your end goal and during this process you will also prove to yourself that you can achieve what you set your mind to. 


No matter how minor the achievement may seem at the time, simply take the time to sit back and enjoy it. 


The final tip we give our clients at James Hopkins Coaching is to avoid comparing yourself to others. 


One mistake that new business owners make is that they compare their business to other businesses in the industry. 


This is an error for several reasons. 


Firstly, you’re usually comparing your business to one that has been operating for years. As a result, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to compete with them straight away. 


Secondly, you should be focusing on what makes your business unique from others, rather than focusing on why that business is currently more successful than yours. 


Avoiding comparison early on and focusing on what’s important (your business) is a great way to improve your confidence. 


As you see your business grow in front of your own eyes, you will not only become more confident, but also more successful as a business owner too!