By now you’ve certainly seen at least one ad on your Facebook feed.


Most of us will see several ads a day, some of which can be extremely annoying.


Many of the ads we see may look like spam, causing us to either report them or dismiss them entirely.


However, every now and then we will see a great ad.


One that we engage with and one that we enjoy actually looking at or watching.


So what is the difference between the first and second ad? What must you do to create an ad that appeals to your audience?


This is something we focus on at James Hopkins Coaching.


You must begin by narrowing your audience.


If you try to serve everyone in business, you will serve nobody.


This is certainly the case when it comes to Facebook ads.


It’s extremely tempting to write as if you’re selling to thousands of people.


In reality, you must write as if you are selling to a single person.


This person is the one you are trying to sell to and thus you must focus your complete attention on them.


For example, if you run a fitness business, you must target a particular individual.


This individual could be someone who is trying to lose weight.


As a result, your ad should be focused on any individual between the ages of 25-35 who’s interested in making lifestyle changes in which they can lose weight.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe that simply creating an ad that advertises your fitness business in general will appeal to nobody.


The second feature of a good Facebook ad, is that it’s short and concise.


We understand that as you’re paying for an ad, you’ll want to get as much information in as possible.


You’ll want to inform individuals of what your product can do and how it can help them.


However, nobody wants to read line after line of text. They’ll simply scroll past, paying no attention to all your hard work.


Keep things short and snappy. A few sentences are more than enough to get your point across.


This is an extremely common mistake we see at James Hopkins Coaching and one that we tell our students to avoid at all costs.


The more lines your customer has to read, the more likely they’ll skip your ad.


In order to get the most out of your ads, it’s also important to test.


At James Hopkins Coaching we advise that our students utilize Facebook in order to spend a small amount on each test.


This helps to ensure that they avoid spending huge amounts on copy that doesn’t work.


In order to do this, run two different ads.


Make sure each ad uses the same image/ video, but change the copy to see which is most effective with your target audience.


Look at which one gets the most engagement- likes, comments and conversions.


Once you find which one is the most effective, this is the one you launch!


Consider these factors for your ads and you’ll be on your way to creating a fantastic ad that meets your objectives!