When people come to James Hopkins Coaching looking for a way to make money online regardless of where they are in the world, they’re always looking for a specific method that will give them the lifestyle they want.

But in order to understand what to do to make money online, you have to take a step back first.

It’s wise to take note of what lifestyle you want for yourself and what you want it to look like.

This is different for each person that comes to James Hopkins Coaching.

For one person, they might just want to travel. And making money online through their own business will enable them to travel where they want.

Like Bradley from South Africa who was living in Vietnam working as a teacher.

Once he created the necessary income he wanted to quit his job, he was able to pack up his things and travel indefinitely to different places around the world.

In fact, I spoke to him one day and he was in Bali, and a few days later when I spoke to him, he was in Mauritius.

For him, he just needed to decide on what he wanted for his life and then make it a reality.

Once he realized he needed to make a certain income every month, he decided to do that with his new online business, and was able to quit his job and fulfill his dream.

For someone else, however, their goal might not be to travel indefinitely.

Many people who come to James Hopkins Coaching want to continue to live abroad without having to go back home or to continue working their job.

So for example, Laura was living abroad and she had savings lined up (others may be working a job).

But she knew the savings would dry up at some point and she didn’t want to return the UK. She wanted to continue living abroad, so she came to us to start an online business.

Or we can also look at Peter who is currently living abroad.

Peter is an older gentleman and just wanted to continue living abroad while building a pension for himself.

So he chose to start a new online business that would create that income for him so he could continue to increase his savings and have his own personal “pension” created to serve him in his older years.

Because ultimately, Peter doesn’t want to work forever and wants to relax a bit in his older years.

But even he says he loves what he’s doing with his new online business and has zero plans to stop!

When you are looking at starting a new online business, you want to look at a couple things to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

1) Understand what you really want for yourself. What do you want your normal day to look like? How do you want to spend your time?
2) Figure out how much you need to make to make that day a reality. Does the income need to replace your current job or keep your savings topped off? How much do you need to make per month so that you can live the lifestyle from question 1?
3) What’s your long-term goal income? How much do you want to be making in 6 months? 12 months?

For many people who come to James Hopkins Coaching, making $3000-$5000 per month can enable the lifestyle of living abroad and enjoying life.

The beauty of living abroad is that the cost of living is so much cheaper so making $3k-$5k per month can allow you to live comfortably while saving money.

Many people go beyond that amount, but I want to nail down the idea that this number is NOT very high which makes it easier to obtain.

If you were to start an online social media business providing services for clients, you would only need 2 clients to hit that number!

This is how easy it is to create the lifestyle you want. You just have to pick a number that allows you to live your desired lifestyle.

And then put in the work to make it happen.

Getting clear with what you want and creating a plan is the fastest way to get there.

But without that clarity, you’ll always remain stuck in the same place.

I hope this article helps you to understand exactly what you need to do find a goal, set it, and achieve it.