A common misconception that many of us have, is that we associate working more to getting more done.


The employee who works for 10 hours is seen as more valuable as the employee only working 7.


If you want to pass an exam, studying for 5 hours a day is much better than studying for 3.


More time working will always lead to better results, right?


Well, not exactly. In fact, working too much can actually begin to have a negative impact on your life.


Just because you’re working 13 hour days, it doesn’t always mean you’re getting a lot done.


This is a common mistake we see at James Hopkins Coaching.


Business owners in particular commonly make this mistake when they first get started.


They think that in order to be successful, they need to work 13-15 hours a day non-stop.


Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying you don’t need to work. In fact, when setting up your business putting in the work is crucial.


However, you need to focus on working smart as well as working hard.


When working on any task, you must make that task your sole focus. There’s no point in trying to organise your business plan if at the same time you’re in and out of calls.


The individual who is focused solely on writing their content or designing their website will complete the task considerably faster than the individual jumping between tasks.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we have found that although working less and accomplishing more isn’t easy, it’s a skill that can dramatically improve your life.


So, how do you begin by working smart?


First, you need to look at your current work methods. Evaluate what is taking up the most amount of time throughout your day.


Maybe you spend too much time sorting out your emails. Maybe you spend too much time on social media.


As you begin to analyse your day to day work methods, you’ll begin to notice key areas that are taking up a substantial part of your time.


At James Hopkins Coaching, once we have highlighted these areas, we focus on reducing the time it takes for them.


For example, if you spend too much time sorting emails, maybe you can look into hiring a PA.


A part-time PA will organise your emails for you every day, allowing you to focus on the business itself.


Look for ways to ‘sharpen’ your systems. Make them more efficient and you’ll soon find you can work fewer hours and still receive the same results.


One mistake we commonly see at James Hopkins Coaching is that new business owners want everything to be perfect.


They over strive for perfection, which slows down their overall productivity.


Although being perfect is a good thing, in business efficiency is everything.


If it’s taking you 2 weeks to turn over a perfect piece of work, but your competitors can complete the work in 2 days to a good standard, who will your customers go to?


Work hard, but make sure you work efficiently too.