From a young age, we are taught that failure is a negative thing. 

If you fail a test in school, you’re looked down upon by others. 

If you fail to get into a sports team, people may laugh at you. 

If you fail in your business, people will say “I told you so”. 

All of these things make us believe that failing is a bad thing that we should try to avoid. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe the opposite is true. 

Now, we’re not saying you should strive for failure. This would be completely counterintuitive.

However, you should not punish yourself for failing. Failure should simply be seen as part of the journey. Here’s an example. 

If you take a test and the pass mark is 60/100, you getting 58 would mean you fail. 

However, when you then go to retake the test, you already know 58% of the answers. This means that you have the opportunity to not only learn an additional 2%, but the remaining 42% of the test. 

You’re not starting from 0 like you were when you first started revising. 

This scenario can be applied to business too. If you start your first business and fail after 2 years, you haven’t failed. 

You’ve gained two years of experience that you can put towards your next business. 

This particular mindset shift is a crucial part of your journey to building a successful business. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe that it may be one of the most important mindset shifts you’ll ever make. 

Without making this shift, you simply won’t be able to deal with the many failures that you will encounter when first starting out. 

As a business owner, failure is something that you will encounter on a daily basis. 

It is likely that you will fail hundreds, if not thousands of times before you begin producing a six figure company. 

Being able to deal with this failure in a positive way is what will keep you going when times are at their worst. 

You should begin to see failure as a challenge. 

For example, rather than saying “I failed at that so I won’t do it again”, you should ask “I failed at that so what can I do differently this time”?

Asking such questions is exactly what we teach our clients at James Hopkins Coaching. 

The reality of failure is that you can’t fail unless you quit. This is a key fact they simply don’t teach in school. 

Instead, we are taught that failure is a bad thing and yet without it, we cannot become successful. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we help all of our clients build a positive relationship with failure. 

We believe that it is this relationship that will allow them to achieve true success in both their business and personal lives. 

Without this mindset, there will simply be too many hurdles to overcome.

If you’re looking to upgrade your mindset, contact us now and discover a whole new perspective towards failure in your life.