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A selection of customer views are visible below, to help give you an understanding of the level of service that we provide to our clients.

Grace Winchell

Grace Winchell is a US native from South Carolina. She’s been traveling for almost 6 years now and living abroad, exploring and having amazing experiences.

Before coming to James Hopkins Coaching, she was in England with her partner and she’s been on the journey to create a life of her own.

Grace faced a crossroad where she needed to make money or was going to be forced to go back home to the US.

Like any expat, she didn’t want that. So she chose to do teaching online which took her out of her comfort zone.

Video calls were a little too much for her and made her nervous, but she started to learn that she needed to push forward in order to create an income.

Grace had also expressed interest in building a blog, but not for making money. She had never had any interest or experience in building an online business.

She never liked to use social media, and in fact, she never even had a laptop computer.

An online digital advertising business she could run from anywhere in the world was not on her radar in the slightest.

When Grace came across James Hopkins Coaching, she was completely fresh in learning digital marketing.

She signed up within 24 hours and started jumping in to learning and growing her new income stream.

As soon as she joined, she still had this idea about the lifestyle she wanted while she was growing this business.

Grace would watch videos and go through training, but she realized she wasn’t making the progress she wanted because she wasn’t fully dedicating herself to it.

She admits she didn’t have the full motivating drive to make it work because she had savings to fall back on.

She started off slowly and wasn’t sure entirely about what niche to work with.

A combination of a lack of financial drive and figuring out who to work with kept her from reaching the income she wanted.

She got into some new training that was a part of James Hopkins Coaching and that is when her results started to “piece together”.

By the recommendation of the training, Grace started looking at a niche that she loved.

She realized she had a passion for yoga and wellness and began working in that niche. Very quickly, her business began to grow.

With clarity on who to work with, Grace started landing a few clients.

She had two clients continue as recurring retainers in January and then she took on 3 more clients.

With recurring clients staying on, she ended up bringing in $3750 in monthly recurring revenue in February from 6 clients.

That’s the highest amount she ever made with the nomadic lifestyle.

“The momentum just comes from there”, Grace says about her new digital marketing business.

She originally thought the wellness industry had no money in it so she stayed away from it.

Once she realized this was just a mental block, she pushed through and landed clients in this industry.

THis made her business run a lot more smoothly because she enjoys working with them and it saves her time when she’s writing content for them and creating campaigns.

Overall, it’s a win-win all around for her to be working with a niche that she is passionate about.

With her new business, Grace says “it’s been really rewarding.”

In the process, she’s been able to learn a ton about the industry, how it works, and what builds retreats and wellness centers.

Grace has plans to open her own wellness center one day, so she is using this as the perfect opportunity to learn how to do that.

Nick Elia

Nick Elia is a USA native from the major Chicago area who lives in Thailand.

Before coming to James Hopkins Coaching, his original plan was to go to Thailand to teach which he enjoyed doing for a bit.

It gave him the opportunity to live in Thailand and stay there longer so he could enjoy the experience there.

But very quickly, Nick found himself burnt out. The work was not financially rewarding to him.

More importantly, the work wasn’t personally fulfilling either.

He felt undervalued in terms of what he was doing.

The school didn’t value the time he was putting in to create lesson plans and activities for students to help them improve their skills and remain more engaged.

Nick noticed that only a small percentage of students actually cared about learning and getting help from him.

The other 90% of students could care less about being there to learn.

As a result, his enthusiasm for teaching diminished because he wasn’t able to give more.

He started to think about something that was more sustainable to him financially.

Nick started exploring different options for creating an income and freedom for himself, because ultimately, he was seeking location independence so he could travel more and not be tied down to one location.

He looked at teaching online but he faced the same issues there and it was even less rewarding to boot.

Nick looked at different opportunities for businesses he could start himself, like a teaching agency for teachers in Thailand.

He faced roadblocks, however, when dealing with the bureaucracy of the schools and the government.

So he needed to start looking at other opportunities.

It took Nick a while to jump into James Hopkins Coaching but knew it had potential for helping him achieve his results.

He knew that building his own digital advertising business was going to help achieve both the financial freedom and location independence was seeking, and learning from someone like James who was able to do it while living in Thailand was exactly what Nick needed to be successful on his own.

Within 30 days of joining James Hopkins Coaching, Nick closed his first client which gave him the confidence to build his long term business.

And then within a few months, he was able to land 4 new clients for his business.

In total, NIck was able to generate $2,000 recurring revenue from 5 paying clients every single month.

Moving forward, Nick no longer has to teach anymore, both in person and online.

He now has a new skill set in digital advertising he can use anywhere in the world.

Nick says “without the program, if I was going back to the States I would have to either get an office job or a couple part time jobs, but now that I have this, I don’t have to do that. I’m going to have a lot more freedom to go to the States to travel around the country and see my friends and family.”

Through James Hopkins Coaching, Nick is able to continue working, travel, visit back home in the USA, and continue to build his business with complete freedom.

Tor Abrams

Tor Abrams has had amazing success coming in to the James Hopkins Coaching.

But before that, Tor was working in sales for 3 years. He wanted to start his own digital marketing business, but never had the guts to go ahead and do it.

He was comfortable in sales making some decent money, but he still had the ambition to start his own business and didn’t want to let it go.

In his sales job, Tor had a commute for an hour and a half. His mornings started really early which meant his work day was from 830 to 530 pm plus dealing with a nearly two hour commute each day.

He wanted lifestyle freedom because he wasn’t having control over his day and time to do what he wanted to do, like travel or see friends and family.

When he came to James Hopkins Coaching, he had been researching how to start a digital marketing business.

Tor saw the value in having a mentor. He compared it to going to a university without a lecturer and knew that he could speed up his results with the help of someone who had already done what he wanted to do (build a digital marketing business).

When Tor came to the program, he landed 3 clients within 90 days of joining the program.

In total, those 3 clients alone bring him $5,000 per month to his business.

One of those clients pays him $3000 per month.

He realized this one deal can cover “one whole holiday’s expenses, savings, investments, rent, and so forth”.

Actually, he didn’t even find it challenging to land this deal. The biggest challenge was understanding that people actually want to pay these prices.

Once he accepted that and got guidance on how to do it, asking that much money was easy for him.

“It was a game changer for me”, says Tor on landing that $3,000 per month deal.

His life is now completely different after jumping into James Hopkins Coaching.

Whereas before he would have to get up 6 am to commute to work, but now you can’t catch him waking up before 9 am.
It’s a conscious choice he made to value his rest, eat breakfast, do volunteering, and have complete control over his day.

His diet and exercise has improved, with him working out multiple days per week.

He admits he’s a much happier person and enjoys his days much more.

Tor knows that these changes in his day might seem small, but they have been “game changing” for him.

Getting a little extra sleep or spending more time with family and friends is super important to him.

His growth has been the effect of his ability to utilize the training platform and the templates that are given.

The 33 templates allowed him to get results quickly for clients so he didn’t have to worry about figuring it out on his own.

He also contributes his success to learning how to land clients with the training provided as well as the help from other students in the program.

Tor has plans to grow his business long term and get more clients. For him, it’s just a matter of taking the strategy, getting help in the community, and using it to move forward.

Samuel Garcia Blanco

Samuel Garcia Blanco is a Spanish expat who was seeking to escape the corporate ladder and live a lifestyle of freedom.

He had spent 12 years living in the Czech Republic, working for an IT company, but he felt something was missing in his life.

Samuel knew that he and his wife wanted to eventually move to Spain, where he is originally from.

He had enough of his job and decided he was ready for a big change.

In fact, before he came to James Hopkins Coaching, he had already taken a huge step to quit his job and was living in Thailand for a month with his wife.

Samuel didn’t spend that month just relaxing on the beach. His brain was looking for different ways to make money online so that he and his wife could have the freedom to live where they want.

He began experimenting with different online business models, like dropshipping for instance.

He downloaded courses to try a variety of methods to create an income online, but nothing seemed to work for him.

When he came across James Hopkins Coaching, he noticed the training, and even more so, the community which he says he cherishes today.

Samuel broke down his mindset on why he decided to work with James like this…

“Why would I spend 6 months… 9 months… 1 year banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to do this thing if i can learn from someone who has done it before am I right? It’s nonsense. Plus I can have a community of people that are going through the same journey, share experiences, and learn from them. So it’s going to be much faster.”

That sums up his thought process and what made him choose the notion of getting to his goals faster, instead of going on the journey alone which could take him far too long.

Samuel’s excitement led him to try to make everything perfect in his business before he really took action to get results.

He wanted the perfect niche and to have everything laid out before he started moving forward.

Months had gone by before Samuel had really gained serious progress.

For a little while, Samuel was concerned that he didn’t have experience and that he wasn’t a native English speaker.

He thought this would affect his ability to land clients in Western countries.

It turned out none of this mattered. It was all in his head and he was able to land clients without any problems.

Then all of a sudden, it’s like a light switch turned on. Samuel put in the work, did some market research, and landed a strategy session

He turned his first strategy session into a client.

Samuel got the ball rolling from there.

Today, he’s living in Spain with his wife while generating $7000 per month from just 5 clients.

He has plans to continue to grow the business and knows putting in the effort will lead to even greater results.

Samuel’s ability to push through and take advantage of the environment inside James Hopkins Coaching has led to his successful digital advertising business.

Warren and Natasha

Warren and Natasha met in Thailand three years ago while traveling.

On their own individually, they were seeking to explore new places. When they met, they found they had a ton in common.

To continue their relationship abroad, they took teaching jobs in Japan for over a year and a half.

This was fine while it lasted, but it wasn’t enough for them to reach their goals.

They wanted to continue their travels together, but it required way more than what their teaching jobs would allow.

Natasha needed a travel visa to Australia, where Warren is from, and the cost was $7000.

So in order to afford that cost, they needed to make more money and they realized this before they came to James Hopkins Coaching.

Truthfully, their goal was to live, explore, and have more fun while creating additional savings without having to worry.

They tried a couple of different things like teaching online, web design, social media content, and other freelance jobs to try to create more income.

Together, they still weren’t gaining any real traction in where they wanted to go.

Teaching was really rewarding for them from a fulfillment perspective, but financially it wasn’t creating the lifestyle they wanted.

“I’d be out for 8 hours a day, and get paid for 4 hours of teaching”, says Warren about the biggest problem he was facing when they realize they needed a change.

After jumping on a call with a Client Transformation Coach from James Hopkins Coaching, they gained clarity on where they wanted to go and joined the program.

Warren admits that they were slow starters in the first months in the program but got over many of their fears.

It was about month 4 when they started landing $2000 per month from clients which allowed them to extend their travels.

By the end of the year, they were up to 7 clients, making around $5000 per month consistently on top of their wages which was a game changer for their lifestyle.

They believe they haven’t even put as much effort when they look at what their peers in James Hopkins Coaching are getting, and yet they still manage to bring in $5000 every single month!

With their new income, Warren and Natasha were able to book trips to Australia, India, and Peru among other destinations.

For both of them, their lives are completely different now.

They have more experiences while working less so they can focus on hobbies like photography as they travel together.

Natasha has even been able to buy a new computer, something the Mexico native never thought was possible for herself.

They both know that life isn’t about things, but about experiences.

The value they place on traveling together is clearly at the forefront of their goals, and it’s something they’ve been able to make a reality as they continue to build their business.

When asked about what they’re able to do now that they weren’t able to do before, Warren says they’ve been able to “relax and breathe and enjoy their travels”.

Learning a new skill set from James Hopkins Coaching has given them the ability to truly relax and travel together while building both their business and their relationship.

Anish Karadia

When you’re a senior teacher of a school in Thailand, it might seem like you are living a great life.

Anish has been in education for over 12 years and is seriously good at it. But he realized that he’s gotten to the top end of his career and understood the limits of the long term potential of being a teacher.

As an avid learner, Anish began exploring the opportunity of earning a side income to his primary teaching role while living abroad. It was then when he came across James Hopkins Coaching.

For this UK native, he knew that the cheaper cost of living while living abroad was the perfect situation to learn a new skill set that he could use to add additional income.

But with Anish, it wasn’t even about making as much money as possible for him.

More importantly, he was fully aware that he could take this new skill set and take it back to the UK if he ever decided to move back home so he wouldn’t have to get another teaching job if he didn’t want to.

He was long-term focused and emphasized learning as the core of what he wanted to do.

“It’s given me the opportunity to learn something and build it as slow or as fast as I need to” says Anish.

Having this freedom to control his destiny was exactly what he was looking for when he came to James Hopkins Coaching for help.

Anish jumped into the program with a goal of making $2000 per month.

He exceeded that by landing himself 3 clients in 10 weeks, each paying him $900 per month, totaling $2700 per month.

This was a big deal for Anish just in terms of upgrading his lifestyle.

He can fly home to the UK whenever he wants and not have to worry about the price. He loves to travel and go abroad, like traveling to New Zealand.

The additional income has enabled him to travel with his family as he pleases.

Even more so, the income has given him the ability to increase his savings while living a really nice lifestyle.

Anish admits his lifestyle has improved with this additional income that he was able to obtain from the skill set he learned from James Hopkins Coaching, but he is fully aware that he shouldn’t stop there.

Because he’s gotten amazing results for his clients, it’s made it easier for him to sell his services to other clients.

“Having results has made it easier to sell my services because I’ve got good reviews and a lot of results to show people

As a result, he can take on more clients whenever he chooses to, because he knows that long term, continuing to build this additional income creates safety in his life.

He doesn’t want to take his “foot of the gas” and keep pushing further.

Anish says a combination of both the training platform and the community has been really helpful to his growth, so he could go at his own pace in any direction he wants while getting the support that he needs.

The results he’s had with James Hopkins Coaching has not only given him the income he wants, but they have changed his life entirely as a teacher.

Justin Colon

Justin Colon was one of the first entrants into the program after trying multiple online business models.

Prior to joining the program, Justin experimented with e-commerce dropshipping stores but found that the business model was flawed because of the low margins.

He wanted something more for himself when he came across James Hopkins Coaching.

When he jumped in, he got results very quickly by taking the advice of James and following the training as it’s laid out.

But then he found himself, admittedly getting a case of “shiny object syndrome”.

He found a different opportunity to make an income online by trying to capitalize on a trend he came across to manage a specific social media platform (Instagram) for clients (Justin dives deep on this in the video).

The trend he caught hold gave him some momentum, but it ended pretty quickly after just a few months because Instagram changed its algorithms.

This pushed Justin a few steps back to zero without any real longevity in his income.

He had to start all over to get clients for the digital advertising business he had previously built under the training he received from James Hopkins Coaching.

So what did Justin do with his back against the wall?

He dived right back into the training platform that James provides as well as the deep Facebook community and Q&A calls where he got support from the coaches on how to move forward and get back on track.

Jumping in with the intention to get results was the only thing on his radar.

“I got right back into hardcore prospecting” Justin said.

Needless to say, Justin’s resilience worked in his favor. Not wanting this roadblock to stop him, he got clients very quickly.

He gave himself one month to lock in a client, but ended up locking in two clients in that time frame!

What’s amazing is he’s able to choose the clients he wants to work with and say no to the ones he doesn’t want to work with.

This gave him control over his income including the financial stability to make decisions from a place of comfort.

The freedom that Justin was seeking quickly became a reality as he began to make just shy of $3,500 per month from just a couple of clients.

“I’m all the way back in the game now and just really really excited, just continuing to expand it and I see so many students that are having success it keeps me motivated every single day”, he says.

Justin attributes his success to the overall training and more importantly, the community involved with James Hopkins Coaching.

“Being back in the Facebook group and surrounded by everybody that’s all in the same industry but we’re all chasing the same thing and working together… it doesn’t feel like I’m doing it alone.”

For Justin, having like-minded individuals who are all striving for success to build their lifestyles makes it easier to achieve results by bouncing ideas off each other and getting help rather than going solo.

Building his digital advertising business under the guidance of James Hopkins Coaching has given Justin the flexibility to live where he wants abroad in Southeast Asia while having financial freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, and explore his passions

Laura Gowthorpe

Escaping a corporate career to live a life of freedom is something most people aspire to.

That was the place Laura Gowthorpe was in when she came to us at James Hopkins Coaching. She found herself seeking something more after she headed out to Thailand with her boyfriend who was working there.

Prior to that, she was working in the corporate world for about 11 years. Laura wanted a change in lifestyle to the high pressure environment. Being in London for five years, it was busy and stressful and she ultimately wanted to live an easier lifestyle of working less and being outside more.

To put it simply, she just wanted to spend her days going diving.

That was her idea of freedom when she jumped into James Hopkins Coaching.

To accomplish that, she needed to make an income that would give her the ability to create her own schedule. Doing this would give her the flexibility to choose any time during the day to go diving.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Laura had money saved up to live abroad, but she didn’t want to run out of her savings.

With smart thinking, she had the initial idea of making an income online before she came into the program so that she could turn what was an “extended holiday” into long-term living abroad.

She wanted to learn digital marketing and how to build a business sustainably online because she knew this was the best way to achieve that.

With some previous skills, she was fully aware that she needed more training to get better at business, sales, and ultimately improve her skill set so she can provide real value to clients and help them solve their problems with getting customers.

“If you look at business strategy, if there is a need in the marketplace for a skill, and you have that skill, and you can win the clients to deliver that skill to them, then you’re going to make money” Laura says.

This level of thinking is what allowed her to excel at getting clients and building her lifestyle.

She found herself making $2,600 in her first 25 days in the program with guidance and support from James Hopkins Coaching.

From that point forward, she was consistently making $3,000 per month for 90 days.
Before building this business, she didn’t have the freedom to go off and do things as she pleased like going out for meals and drinks or diving whenever she wanted.

Once she got the sustainable income, she had more confidence that she could do it month after month and could create her routine and lifestyle around what she enjoyed.

So what does her day look like now that she has freedom?

She works 4 hours in the morning, 3 or 4 days per week. She goes diving some days and in the afternoons she’ll just hang out with her dog and her partner.

“I’m probably working 4-6 hours per day, maybe 3-4 days per week, and the rest of the time I can do what I want” says Laura.

This is the kind of freedom that Laura wanted for her life. She went after it by making decisions, like jumping in to James Hopkins Coaching, and making her dreams a reality.

She attributes her success to the community and group environment of the program that helps her to get the feedback and value she needs, not just from the coaches, but from like-minded individuals.

Laura says about the group, “The level of support and kindness people show each other is quite outstanding actually”

She understands that building this lifestyle takes hard work and commitment, but putting in that kind of work is what has enabled her to live the life she desires, escaping the corporate world forever.