So you’ve just set up your first business and you’re feeling excited. 


You’ve prepared your product or service in detail and you’re confident you can provide for your customer. 


However, now you’ve completed the preparation phase you feel nervous. 


Questions begin to pop into your mind. “What if the consumer doesn’t like my product”. “What if I make a mistake with my service”. “What if my business fails and I’m left in debt”.


These are just a few of the questions we are asked as James Hopkin Coaching.


These questions are caused by what is known as business anxiety and are a completely normal part of the process.


What’s important is that you overcome this anxiety and take your business from a startup to a successful enterprise. 


Firstly, it’s important that you acknowledge these feelings of anxiety. After all, to fight the enemy you must first face them. 


More often than not, once you actually acknowledge the anxiety you’re having these questions simply fade away. You realise that it’s just your mind trying to mess with you. 


Remember that at one point or another, every successful entrepreneur was in your position. They had the same thoughts, the same fears and the same hurdles to overcome. 


Once you realise that these individuals overcame their hurdles, you begin to ask yourself what is stopping you. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, part of our work is helping individuals overcome this initial business anxiety. 


We see it often in many different niches and although it can appear horrible at the time, you will one day look back and laugh. 


One of the most common questions we are asked is “What if I fail?” To which we respond “You will”. 


A common misconception in business and one that causes anxiety throughout our lives is that failure is a bad thing. 


The reality is, you have to fail in order to succeed. 


Nobody was born with the natural ability to simply succeed. Through failure they moulded themselves to become a success. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, we find that once this mindset shift has been made, our client’s business anxiety is significantly reduced. 


They realise that failure is simply a part of their journey. It does not determine who they will become unless they allow it to do so. 


One of the best ways you can further reduce business anxiety is to simply throw yourself in the deep end. 


Go to networking events, business meetings and seminars. Meet new people and business owners from all walks of life. 


You’ll soon realise that many of the initial fears and anxieties you had were all in your head. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, we always suggest networking as one of the best ways to reduce business anxiety, especially for clients who run a solo business. 


Meeting like-minded individuals will help you to understand that there are many people in your shoes. 


As you go to more events and meet more people, not only will you grow in confidence, but your anxiety will begin to naturally fade.