Let’s say you wanted to climb Everest, and you managed to make it to Basecamp to get your body acclimated to the environment and altitude so that you can make the trek up to the summit.

Don’t worry. You’re at the correct site. This is still about James Hopkins Coaching so stay with me.

And let’s assume you are finally acclimated and ready to go. Your body is ready. And it’s time to accomplish this huge feat.

So now it’s time to start walking up Everest right?

Well, not so fast.

You see, the secret to climbing Everest is this:

You need a sherpa.

These sherpas who are from the surrounding areas are SKILLED climbers who know everything about the paths up Everest as well as the surrounding areas.

They’ve been acclimated to the area since they were born and they’ve done hundreds of treks up Everest.

Sherpas are the pros. They’re the coaches. They’re the guides.

They’re the reason people make it to the Summit.

These sherpas carry gear and create the paths to guide people up to the Summit.

Without the sherpas, people would struggle (they still do because of how dangerous it is), and it would be insanely difficult. Far more people would die without them.

When people make the journey with a sherpa, they build a relationship with them through the time they spend together.

These sherpas are caring for their lives in one of the most treacherous environments on the planet.

You build a close bond that way wouldn’t you say?

When they reach the summit and return to the bottom, they’re entirely grateful for what they’ve done for them…

For their guidance and assistance in helping them achieve this amazing feat of human determination.

In anything you do, make sure you have a sherpa to help you along the way, just like I did before I started James Hopkins Coaching.

Want to improve your fitness? Get a sherpa (personal trainer).

Want to take care of your mental health? Get a sherpa (insert mindset coach/therapist/psychologist, etc.)

Want to start an online business? Get a sherpa (all-in-one training platform with coaching, accountability, and support)

The key to doing anything successfully is having a guide.

I know you’re here because starting an online business may have been on your mind. And if it still is, then I’m glad you’re still on the path.

Our coaches at James Hopkins Coaching are designed to be your sherpas along the way of starting your online business, getting your first client, getting them results, and getting more clients from there.

When you have people who can guide you along the way with a proven path before you, it makes it easier to just get focused and make the trek.

Oh and just so you know, starting an online business is nowhere near as difficult as climbing Everest. Everyone at James Hopkins Coaching can attest to that.

It’s not even on the same radar.

It’s seriously fun, especially when it builds the lifestyle and income you want.

So take a breath, relax, and enjoy the process. Your sherpas have got you.