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Building A Successful Digital Advertising Business

James Hopkins is a business coach and mentor who has created a hugely popular training program that teaches people how to build a successful digital advertising business.

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Digital marketing & business coaching

The Lifestyle Marketeer Program

The program – called The Lifestyle Marketeer Program – allows Hopkins to share his expertise in digital marketing and business coaching, with the aim of enabling people from all around the world to start their own digital advertising company.

Hopkins is passionate about sharing his hard-earned knowledge so that others may achieve the financial freedom and location independence that he has created for himself. The Lifestyle Marketeer Program teaches people how to attract customers to their business no matter where they are located, and so far, the program has students in countries all around the world including the UK, the US, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. The principles that are taught in Hopkins’ program are applicable to anyone in an English-speaking country, meaning that it can quickly and successfully spread around the world.


Business Coaching
How To Start A Business

This blog will explore a number of topics that relate to the mission of James Hopkins, including how to start a business from scratch. This blog will share tips, tricks and advice with those who are considering setting up a new business, exploring the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.

This blog will also delve into a number of other related topics, including how long it will take for a start-up business to establish itself as a success. This is a topic that is of great importance to James Hopkins, as the company hopes to inspire as many people as possible to start their own companies, empowering them with the right knowledge and skills to feel confident in their new business ventures. Readers will also find information about the skills that are essential to have when starting a business, explaining the exact skills and skill sets that it is vital to develop for success.

James Hopkins is a trusted expat liberator and advisor and as such, this blog will explore why expats make excellent business owners and entrepreneurs. Hopkins’ training program has been designed to liberate businesses from a physical location, so the advantages of being ‘location liberated’ and the upsides of being an expat entrepreneur will also be discussed.